Please Check Out The Bunker KC Startup Companies

Liquid Stand Up Paddle Board instructional company that puts an emphasis on professionalism and technique. We have a mobile trailer that can bring the lesson to the client.

We also boast an emerging online surf shop where we are distributors for 7 different companies and growing. Our Research and Development department is currently working on two products that we look to patent and start distributing by the end of FY 2015

Launched in August 2013, Pure Pursuit Automotive is an automotive technology startup that is improving the enthusiast purchase experience. We are just like you, and we want to get exactly what we want. The term “Pure Pursuit” is a Navy aerial combat term (fitting that the company was founded by a Naval Aviator) meaning to keep your target in your sights. 

We are a nationwide team of car enthusiasts and pilots (five of us are both so pardon the aviation stuff), who see a lot of pains associated enthusiast buying. You can finally afford the car of your dreams but don’t have the time to ensure you buy the right one, at the right price, delivered to your door. That is where we come in to make your life easier.

Aero Plains Brewing is a start-up company I’ve been working on since I retired from 21 years of service in the U.S. Marine Corps. I’ve partnered with my good friend and nephew, Ryan Waite, and we plan to build the largest production and packaging brewery with tasting room in Wichita, KS.

The craft brewing industry is experiencing an unprecedented 18% annual growth over recent years, and the lack of local production breweries in Wichita reveals an untapped market for the brewer with the right vision and know-how. It takes more than award winning recipes–which we have–to build a local brand into a national presence. It takes business planning, innovative thinking, and genuine concern–for our product as well as our customers. That is what we have. – Lance Minor

Valor Group was founded to assist transitioning service members find new careers outside of the military at no cost to the veteran. We strive to provide cost effective, high quality service to our clients while providing the best opportunity possible to our candidates. We are guided by the principles and leadership lessons learned from the military. is an online rental marketing company that specializes in advertising residential rentals from large scale apartment communities to single family homes, town-homes, condos and lofts in the greater Kansas City area.  Our company provides property owners and on-site managers a hassle-free service that delivers more quality tenants and fills vacancies faster than any other company.

We strive to provide property owners the most cost effective and quality marketing and leasing services. We also feel that in order to provide our clients this level of service we must also provide prospective tenants the best possible website for browsing rentals in Kansas City.  This is why we take pride providing renters an attractive and user friendly listing site that has the most accurate information, quality photos & videos, and an easy way to connect with their future landlord.

Our knowledge of the Kansas City rental market combined with our expertise in online marketing and our unrivaled customer service is why LeasingKC is the best option for owners and managers.

Flyght Deck is a new website that helps promote military veteran owned small businesses and allow those companies to get feedback on their product, service, or idea.  Startups can post information about their concept and get feedback from the crowd.  They can also receive detailed metrics on the amount of traffic their landing page generates and what interests potential buyers the most.

Twitter – @flyghtdeck

KC Crew is a new, cutting edge, adult recreational sports league and special events company started in 2012 designed for people that are awesome, by people that are awesome. KC Crew’s main goal is to bring awesome, organized rec leagues and unique special events to the downtown/midtown area and support local businesses. In KC Crew, you will find a new social network of people oriented around a single goal: To get together and have fun. With almost every league you get an end of Season Tournament and an Award Ceremony with free food and adult beverages. You also get a bar league with specials at a different bar sponsor every week and a chance to win $100 gift card to that bar just by checking in. Be a part of KC Crew and register your team today